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  • Trios-Basic Division Set
    Code No.:CS11092424
    Product Name.:Trios-Basic Division Set
    Learning Objective: 
    1. For age of 3 and up. 
    2. Basic math operations 
    3. Problem solving 
    4. Quick recall of facts & mental math 
    A) Components: 
    Plastic triangle chips x 36pcs 
    -- Size in 4.8cm x 4.8cm x 4.8cm 
    -- Each plastic chip has 3 basic division equations or numbers 
    -- Match related equations and numbers together Teacher's Note x 1pc 
    B) Packing: 
    -- Pack the plastic chips into white paper tray & shrink wrap 
    -- Whole set packed in transparent clear pouch with button closing and 4C product label 
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