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  • LED Light Box & Optical Kit
    Code No.:CS13010215
    Product Name.:LED Light Box & Optical Kit
    Classification:Optical & Magnification
    This kit is designed for student to get hands on experience on understanding the Laws of Refraction and Laws of Reflection. With our dual color 3-ray light box, different sizes and shapes of lenses, prisms and specific designed activity cardboards, student can easily understand and to learn how these laws in optical science governing the refraction and reflection of light. 
    Learning Objectives: 
    1. Demonstrate how the bending of light as it passes from one medium to another, obeying the Laws of Refraction. 
    2. Recognize the characteristic of different kinds of prisms 
    3. Recognize the charateristic of different kinds of convex lenses (Planar convex & Double convex) 
    4. Recognize the charateristic of different kinds of concave lenses (Planar concave & Double concave) 
    5. Understand the optical function of human eyes and problems for person with short-sighted or long-sighted eyes.
       How optical lenses can help to correct these problems. 
    6. Verify the Snell’s Law & identify the relationship between angle of incident i and angle of refraction r. 
    7. Understand total internal reflection on semicircular block and identify the criteria angle 
    8. Understand total internal reflection on rectangular block and identify the criteria angle 
    A) Components: 
    LED Light Box Unit x 1 pc 
    -- Size: 11cm (L) x 7cm (W) x 3.2cm (H) 
    -- Material: Plastic 
    -- Generate 3 light source channels with independent on/off switch and changing light color 
    -- Dual light colors in red and white, individual control per light source 
    -- Power by AAA batteries x 3 pcs (*not included). Alkaline battery is recommended. 
    Prisms and Lenses x 12pcs 
    -- Total of 12 different pieces of prisms and lenses 
    -- Prisms and lenses are in 12 shapes and sizes 
    Activity Cardboards x 9 pcs 
    -- Each cardboard in A4 size 
    -- 1C printing with coating 
    -- 1 specific optical science subject in each card, total of 9 different learning areas 
    Teacher Guide x 1pc 
    -- Details instructions to guide on each learning activities 
    B) Packing: 
    -- Each set pack in white box with 4C standard product label 
    -- Prisms and lenses are protected by soft foam individually inside the box 
    -- Box outer size is 30.6cm x 22cm x 4.1cmH, gross weight approximate in 1.1kg 
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